Tuesday, March 14, 2006

progression, and a little bit about how I'm doing this

Well, because I don't want it to take more than a year or so, I've been making this thing while I've been planning it. I now have every little bit of vincent footage, but I've been capturing frames from it, and editing said frames since I started. I don't know how much of it I'll end up using, but on the basis that I'll use any of it I have to work on it... like the more obvious frames. for instance, the shot originally shown in the E3 trailer of vinny's bronze gauntlet twitching... that's a no brainer. it's very cool indeed, and would be a cool little preceeding to a gunfight.

So I capture a picture for every tenth of a second, import each picture individually into photoshop, and lassoo the bit that is vincent... then delete everything else and save it. when I decide what's going to happen to it, I'll select all the perfect whit and then replace it with the new background.

So far I have captured about twenty seconds' worth, and edited five.

Hey, rome wasn't built in a day ya know >>